Quick setup: Login > Integrations (left menu) > click Connect under Mailchimp.

This integration enables you to sync email addresses you collect in Clearstream to one of your Mailchimp lists. Helpful if you're collecting subscriber email addresses in Clearstream (example would be 1st-time visitor info via text message) and want to have them automatically synced with Mailchimp.

Things to Know

  • Only Clearstream Subscribers with valid email addresses will be synced.

  • If you have more than one List in Clearstream that contains valid email addresses, the Lists will be created as static segments inside your Mailchimp List. If you're unclear on how Mailchimp segments work, read this.

  • This sync updates automatically every night. You can also re-sync at any time within the Mailchimp integration settings page in your Clearstream account.


  1. Select which Mailchimp List you want Clearstream to automatically push email addresses to.

  2. Choose which Clearstream Subscribers will be synced with Mailchimp. You can sync all Subscribers or only certain Clearstream Lists. 

  3. There is no step 3. You're done. It's that simple!

Video Tutorial

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