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How can I setup an after-hours autoresponse?
How can I setup an after-hours autoresponse?
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After-hours autoresponse is a powerful feature that allows users to set up an automatic response that is sent to subscribers when they text in outside of your “office hours.” *This feature is currently limited to long codes and dedicated short codes.

To set up an after-hours autoresponse, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Clearstream account and navigate to Settings > General.

Step 2: Under Messaging, set up your office hours. This will be the time period during which you will be able to respond to messages in real-time.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings > Numbers and select your number.

Step 4: Enable "Send after-hours autoresponse".

Step 5: Create your autoresponse message. This message should let subscribers know that you are currently unavailable but will respond to their message as soon as possible.

Step 6: Save your settings.

Once you have set up after-hours autoresponse, any texts received for this number outside of your office hours will trigger an automatic response to be sent to the subscriber.

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