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How can I automatically refill my credits?
How can I automatically refill my credits?
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Does your account keep running out of credits before your billing renews? If you'd like to keep sending messages before your next billing date, enable Auto Refill to ensure your account always has enough credits.

To enable Auto Refill log in to your Master Account and navigate to Settings > Plan.*

From here, click the Enable Auto Refill toggle. We suggest taking a look at your Sent Messages or running a Report to see how many credits you are using on a regular basis. Adjust the Auto Refill settings such that your account will always have enough credits to send before your next billing date.

Click Save, then Confirm.

Great! You're all set. The next time your account sends a text putting your account below the threshold you set, it will automatically be refilled and the owner of your account will be notified via email.

*Note: only an account Owner or Admin for the master account has access to billing and plans. By default, the email address that created the account is the Owner.

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