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Setting Up Bitly Integration
Setting Up Bitly Integration
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With Clearstream's Bitly integration you can create short trackable links without leaving your Clearstream account. If you're texting a link to your entire church you'll likely want to know how many people actually clicked it. This integration lets you do that. If you haven't already created a Bitly account, you can do so here (free version available).
​Quick Setup: Integrations > scroll down to Bitly > click Connect > log into Bitly > click Allow.

When creating a message you can use the Shorten URLs button to create a shortened trackable Bitly link.

Once your message is sent, you can access your links in the Message Details or you can also find them by logging into your Bitly account. Within your Bitly account, you'll be able to see how many people clicked the link and also at what times. This is helpful to know how many people are actually engaging with your messages

Things to note:

  • Any Clearstream User can create a Bitly link, but only Users who have access to your Bitly account will be able to view link clicks.

  • If you've previously created Bitly links in Clearstream (before setting up the integration), you will not be able to track click rates for those previously used links.

  • If you're using subaccounts to separate your church ministry departments or campuses, each Subaccount can have its own integration

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