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Referral Program
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The Clearstream Referral Program provides a way for our team to say thank you to those of you who recommend Clearstream to other churches! The best part? Our thank you is in the form of a $50 Amazon gift card. πŸ˜‰

How it works

  1. Click referrals from the left menu. There are two options: click copy link to share your link with others (great for sharing on social media), or enter a name and email to send an email invite.


  2. If the person you referred signs up for a paid Clearstream account, once their account is verified, we'll send you a $50 Amazon gift card. πŸŽ‰ You can check the reward status for each of your invites from the referrals tab.

It’s that easy! If you share your personal referral link on any socials, be sure to tag us @clearstream_io! If you have any questions, our support team is happy to help. 😊

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