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Present a poll
Present a poll

Share the results of your poll.

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Once you've created a poll, you may want to display the results to your church. The Present option lets you display a call to action for your Keyword and also displays live results as they roll in.

Presenting your Poll

  1. To present, view your Poll and click Present.

  2. This will open a new tab displaying your poll results.

  3. Click the preferences icon (top right corner) to adjust the look and feel of this page.

  4. Depending on your setup, you can present this webpage directly or copy the unique URL to share the results without being logged into your Clearstream account.

If your church uses ProPresenter, follow these steps:

  1. View your Poll and click Present.

  2. Click the preferences icon to adjust the look and feel of this page.

  3. Once the page looks as you want it, copy the URL at the top of your presentation screen.

  4. Open ProPresenter and create a new slide.

  5. Insert a Web element by going to Editor > Insert > Web or using the plus menu (in ProPresenter).

  6. In the sidebar paste the unique URL you copied from Clearstream.

  7. Resize the Web element to fill the screen

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