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With the mobile app you can manage a large portion of your Clearstream account all from your phone. Send and receive messages, track performance, view Workflows, schedule out future reminders, or edit subscriber info. You can download the app here: iOS - Android.

Track Metrics - See how your account is performing and view filterable data in beautiful, easy-to-read graphs.

Create New Messages - Easily send a scripture to a few specific people or send a church-wide reminder to your entire congregation.

Receive Notifications - If enabled, push notifications will let you know anytime someone texts in. Very helpful when people are replying with questions and you need to quickly manage your Inbox.

View Keyword Analytics - Check your Keyword Workflow steps and track how each Keyword is performing. *Switch to Dark Mode if you need to give those retinas a little rest. 😎

If your church uses Subaccounts for managing different departments or campuses, you can easily switch between your Subaccounts from the mobile app. You can also choose specific notification settings per Subaccount. This is helpful if you are a User in multiple accounts, but only need to be notified of certain messages.

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