A Keyword is a word that people can text in with to join a list in your Clearstream account. A Workflow is a series of texts that automatically send over a few days or weeks.

A Keyword Workflow allows you to collect peoples' info and trigger a series of messages that automatically send over a few days or weeks, when someone texts in with your Keyword (ie. Text CHURCHNAME to 94000).

How to set up a Keyword Workflow

Keyword Workflows can be used several different ways. In this example we're going to create a simple Workflow for first time guests.

Video walkthrough:

1. Login > click Keywords on the left menu > click the pink Create Keyword button.

2. Type your Keyword in the Choose a Keyword box. We recommend using something similar to your church name, or an easy-to-use acronym. If your Keyword is available the box will turn green.

***By default your Workflow will include two steps. You can delete steps, add new steps, or drag/drop to reorder steps. For this example, we're going to keep the Opt-in and Add to List step, but delete the Send Text step.***

3. Select your List you want people to be added to when they text your Keyword. This is especially helpful if you'd like to text this same group of people at a later time.

4. After deleting the Send Text step, click Add Step > Collect Name and Email. The Collect Name and Email step automatically attaches a clickable link to your message. This link will take your guests to a digital connect card. Type out your welcome message.

5. Click Add Step > Send Text. This message will automatically send after the form is filled out. Type out your message.

6. Now lets create one last step to send a follow up text the following Friday inviting your guests to next weekend's service. Click Add Step > Send Text. Click Additional Options and choose a specific day and time. Type out your message.

7. To save, click Create Keyword. You can see a preview of your Workflow on the right hand side of the page. This preview updates automatically as you're editing your Workflow.

Things to note:

  • Workflows are very customizable and can be used for many different use cases. This example was a short, simple Workflow for first time guests.

  • You can set up alternate responses for people who text in a second time.

  • If you'd like to change your Keyword Workflow later, just click the 3 dots on the right side of the screen > Edit.

  • The Collect Name and Email step has an optional condition: wait until name and email is submitted. Depending on the Workflow, you might not use this condition.

If you have any questions when creating your workflow, just reach out to us in chat. We're happy to help.

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