With Clearstream you can create Keywords on both Shortcodes and Longcodes. Keywords allow your guests to text-in, join your List(s), and also receive a series of automated messages from your church. Using Keywords with a Longcode will allow you to create almost ANY Keyword (CONNECT, JOIN, etc.) and you can create an unlimited number of Keywords. That said, we typically recommend only using Keywords with a Shortcode, as texting a Shortcode will almost always be an easier experience for your guests.

Important things to consider when using Keywords with a Longcode:

  1. Longcodes do not deliver messages as fast as a shortcode. If you have a large number of people texting a Longcode Keyword at the same time, some people might experience a delay receiving your auto-response.

  2. Longcodes allow unlimited Keyword options, but even if your Keyword is more unique, it will usually be a better experience to text a Keyword to a Shortcode, rather than a Longcode. For example:

Let's say it's Sunday morning and you're welcoming your first time guests. You invite them to text your Keyword so they can fill out a digital connect card and receive some more information. Which would be easiest for your guests?

Text HBGUEST to 97000


Text GUEST to 920-173-4108

The choice, of course, is yours. We just want to give a few a things to consider. 😊 If you have questions about Keywords, Shortcodes, or anything at all just reach out to our team through the purple, chat icon. We're happy to help.

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