With Keywords your guests can text-in to join your List and also receive a series of automated messages from your church. Clearstream offers Keywords on both Shortcodes and Longcodes. Using Keywords with a Longcode will allow you to select almost ANY keyword you want. That being said, we recommend using Keywords with Shortcodes. Shortcodes are easy-to-remember 5 digit numbers (ie 97000). Texting a Shortcode will almost always be an easier experience for your guests and Shortcodes are also the most reliable way to deliver text messages. To learn more about the differences between Shortcodes and Longcodes click the button below.

Important things to consider before using Keywords with a Longcode:

  1. Each opt-in who joins through a Longcode Keyword will be tied to your Longcode. These Subscribers will receive all future messages through your Longcode not your Shortcode.

  2. Due to carrier regulations we cannot guarantee message delivery through a Longcode as they are not approved for mass texting. Carriers reserve the right to arbitrarily block Longcode messages on their network.

  3. Longcodes allow limitless Keyword opportunities, but it will almost always be a better experience to text a Keyword to a Shortcode even if your Keyword is more unique. 


Let's say it's Sunday morning and you're welcoming your first time guests and inviting them to text your Keyword to fill out a digital connect card and receive some more info from you. Which would be easiest for your guests?

Text HBGUEST to 970-00


Text GUEST to 920-173-4108

If you have questions about Keywords, Shortcodes, or anything at all just reach out. We're happy to help.

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