Auto-response messages are text messages that are immediately sent to a new subscriber when they text in. Each Keyword, Website Form, and Longcode will have it's own auto-response message(s). They can be changed at any time. 

Automated Keyword Workflows enable you to create multiple auto-response messages with one Keyword. This is an easy way to create a 1st-time guest followup system.

Auto-response options explained

Send Every Time - sends every time they text the keyword regardless of how many times they've texted in. This condition is used in most cases.

The First Time This Keyword is used - only sends when they initially text the Keyword. If they text the Keyword again, they will not receive this auto-response again.

When The Keyword is Used After The First Time - only sends if someone has texted the Keyword previously. Use this condition if you want to create an alternate response for people who've already used the Keyword. For example: "Hey! Thanks for texting in again. If you need any help, simply reply to this text."

Only to New Subscribers - only sends if it's their first interaction with your Clearstream account. (ie. they've never received a text from you before).

Only to Existing Subscribers - only sends if the person is already a Subscriber in your Clearstream account.

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